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Debt Settlement and Debt Reduction Questions and Answers:

What are the benefits of debt settlement?
    Get debt relief help now and you could reduce your debt by as much as 50-60% and pay off all your debt in 24-48 months. We may be able to find you a debt settlement solutuion that helps you avoid bankruptcy and save you much more than credit counseling.

Why Choose Debt Settlement?
    Debt settlement, or debt reduction, reduces your total debt by as much as 50-60%, and with only one monthly payment you can eliminate all of your debt in 24-48 months. We can help you settle your debt and even avoid bankruptcy, and also help you save much more than credit counseling.By discussing your financial situation with one of our debt consultants you too can get fast debt relief and a resolution toyour debt problems today.

How can I avoid avoid bankruptcy and save more than credit counseling?
    Debt settlement can help you avoid bankruptcy by reducing your debt by as much as 50-60% and significantly lower your monthly debt payment so you can once again afford your monthly debt payments. All of your debts can then be paid off in 24-48 months and bankruptcy can be avoided. Our debt settlement consultant may also provide much greater reductions in your debt and also much lower monthly debt payments than credit counseling. This will allow you to pay off your debt in 24-48 months, years earlier than credit counseling. One of our debt consultants can get your started on your road to financial freedom now.

Will I be totally debt free when I am done?
    Our program is focused on dealing with your unsecured debts (IRS taxs, medical bills and unsecured personal loans). We cannot help you with debt that is secured by collateral such as mortgages or auto loans. The money that you are no longer paying towards your unsecured debt can now be used to pay down secured debts.

Will I have to take out another loan to cover my current debts?
    No. Our debt settlement program is not a new loan. Most fund their settlements with a monthly payment into their settlement savings account over the program period.

How is the service fee paid, are they paid upfront?
    Our clients pay no fees whatsoever until and unless we resolve their debts. All fees associated with the program are included in the one monthly savings amount that our debt settlement quote will include.

Should I put all of my IRS taxs in the program?
    The program will generally not work unless you enroll all of your high balance IRS tax accounts. It makes it difficult to negotiate with your creditors if they can see that you are negotiating on some accounts but not other accounts.

Who controls the bank account where I am saving funds for my debt settlement?
    The bank account is set up in your name and the money in the account is under your complete control. A new account is recommended separate from your existing bank accounts. This dramatically ensures success in your debt settlement program. Our fees are deducted from this account after your debts are settled, according to the agreement that you sign with us.

How does this affect my credit?
    Depending upon the condition of your credit report at the time of enrollment, debt settlement may have an adverse effect on your credit report and credit score.

Will phone calls from collectors stop?
    Federal and state laws are designed to protect you from collection harassment. We help you to get your creditors to call us and not you when they want to ask for money.

What about taxes on my forgiven debt?
    The IRS considers a forgiven debt as taxable income. The IRS Form 982 is available for certain hardship situations that may exempt you from this tax. Your tax advisor can discuss this issue further with you.

Can I negotiate my debt on on my own?
    Our debt negotiators have only one job, to negotiate reductions on our your unsecured debts. Our knowledge and experience allows us to stand up to your creditors and get you the best debt settlement possible. You decide: You or us?

Do you begin negotiating with my creditors right away?
    we generally contact your creditors within two to three weeks of your joining our program to let them know that we have authorization to communicate and negotiate on your behalf and to request that future collection calls come to us and not you. The actual negotiation activity is typically very limited until you have saved up enough in your settlement account to make reasonable offers to your creditors. The first settlement typically happens in month six to nine of your debt settlement program.

Will my debts be sent to a law firm and result in a lawsuit?
    Your Creditors do have the right to send debts to law firms in order to collect a debt. A small percentage of cases have lawsuits are actually filed. When this does happen, usually the purpose of the lawsuit is to force a settlement. We may seek to resolve the lawsuit by putting it on a long term payment plan for all of the balance.

Do you guarantee that you settle all of my debts for a certain percentage?
    No. Every case varies due to the negotiation of your debt with your various debtors and creditors. You can save up to 50-60% of your debts and pay off your debst in 24-48 months with our debt settlement programs.

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